Monthly Archives: October 2018

Renew Your Participation with Living Stream COB for 2019!

In this online congregation, we renew our participation level annually. In this way, we can celebrate those who intentionally and actively choose to be on this online journey of faith year by year.  You are invited to indicate your desire to participate with Living Stream COB by completing the following online form: Living Stream Participation for 2019.

Since participation takes several forms, we invite each person to indicate the level of participation to which they feel called. We’ve defined four broad participation levels — Viewer, Friend, Associate Member, and Member.  The four participation levels are fully outlined on our Participation page.  If you’d like to discuss your participation more before you complete the form, or if you wish to be more involved, feel free to contact our pastors directly. Either way, we’ll be glad to be in conversation with you!

Thank you for renewing your participation in the Living Stream Church of the Brethren for 2019!