How to Get Connected to the Living Stream

Questions?  Email us at  [email protected]

Then… here are some quick links to get you connected!

2. Connect with us on Facebook:

Living Stream Church of the Brethren

3. Ready to Participate?

If you have participation or membership questions… or if you are ready to jump right into the stream… please see our Participation Page!

4. In-Person Events

Living Stream Church of the Brethren will be represented at various denominational events as they are held over the course of the year.  If you’d like to talk to one of us face-to-face, consider looking us up at one of these following gatherings:

  • Church of the Brethren Annual Conference
  • Song & Story Fest
  • Pacific Northwest District Conference
  • National Older Adult Conference
  • Progressive Brethren Gatherings
  • … and more!

5. Get Involved!

We’d be glad for you to jump in!

Living Stream Church of the Brethren is flowing into being because of the energy, ideas, and commitment of people like you.   Living Stream Church of the Brethren welcomes YOU to the stream.    Drop us a line if you would like to contribute:

  • Volunteer monthly on a worship crew;
  • Submit worship videos;
  • Write monthly reflections for our weblog and Facebook page;
  • Host a live visit from the Living Stream;
  • Crochet or knit prayer shawls for our shawl-mailing ministry;
  • Serve on our prayer team, from anywhere in the country;
  • Donate to support our ministry together;
  • Nominate special guests for the interview portion of our weekly worship;
  • Tell a friend about Living Stream and invite them to worship with us;
  • Share your gifts in another way!

Email us to get involved.  If you can offer your help, through donations, worship leadership, ideas, or publicity, we will be glad to hear from you!

Thank you for your support and participation at this exciting time in our church growth!