Who We Are

Who’s in the Stream

The Living Stream Church of the Brethren consists of many people from many places.  Here are a few of the people who help lead the stream:


Enten Eller has been with Living Stream Church of the Brethren since before its beginning, serving as our Tech Deacon (technology expert) to help us launch. He and his wife Mary (also a pastor) reside in Palmyra, PA, and Enten commutes to Ambler, PA, where they team-pastor the Ambler Church of the Brethren. Enten has extensive experience using electronic communication to make connections for worship, education, and building community, having served on the faculty at Bethany Theological Seminary for eight years as Director of Electronic Communication before returning to pastoral ministry.  He enjoys technology, tandem bicycling, kayaking, camping, travel, and peacemaking. Contact him at [email protected]

Photo of BobbiBobbi Dykema brings art and balance to the Living Stream pastoral team. She lives in Springfield, Illinois, where she serves as pastor at First Church of the Brethren. She lives with her husband, Tim Bender, and Ecclesiasti-critters Simon and Saskia (both cats), in addition to teaching courses in visual art, worship, and church history.. She has a passion for the arts in religious expression and for social justice! Contact her at [email protected]

Debbie Eisenbise, of Kalamzoo, MI, has been ordained in the Church of the Brethren for over 30 years, having served as a local pastor, interim pastor, denominational and seminary staff, instructor for the Brethren Academy for Ministerial Leadership and for Western Michigan University. She is a spiritual director and supervisor for spiritual directors, and an end of life doula. She writes poetry, likes to cook, hang out with her husband and her cat, take walks, swim, canoe. She is currently serving as interim pastor at the Goshen City (IN) Church of the Brethren.  Contact her at [email protected]

Liz Bidgood Enders, of Harrisburg, PA, was born in Pennsylvania and is part of three generations of ordained women in her family. She and her husband Greg are graduates of Elizabethtown College and Bethany Theological Seminary, and both served a year in BVS as workcamp coordinators. Liz has served congregations in Ohio and Indiana, and for the last 15 years has been Pastor at Ridgeway Community CoB in Harrisburg, PA. Beyond congregational ministry, she is passionate about biblical storytelling. Other interests include learning sign language, playing games of all kinds, physical activity, reading, and watching movies. Liz and Greg have three kids (Micah, Kara, and Jonah). They also have a dog, a cat, and a rat (who technically belongs to Kara). World peace is what she envisions and works toward, but a more modest goal is for the animals in the house to get along with each other.  Contact her at [email protected]

Bruce Rosenberger has stepped back from leading worship services, but is still recognized as pastor emeritus for Living Stream Church of the Brethren as he continues to serve behind the scenes. In past years, he and his late wife MarySue served the Church of the Brethren (and world) as pastors, chaplains, administrators, authors, camp directors, teachers, and more. Now retired in Westerville, Ohio, Bruce shares with Living Stream his gifts, perspectives, and deep passion for ministry. Contact him at [email protected]

Together, our pastors leverage somewhere around 175 years of pastoral experience as they serve the Living Stream Church of the Brethren!


Tim McKamey is a Washington muScreen shot 2014-03-06 at 11.43.49 AMsician in study to become a music healing practitioner. He contributes great music and other groovy resources to our ministry, including writing us our very own theme song!!! – used in our opening video, Part of the Living Stream.

peace sticker pic Linda K Williams contributes music to our ministry, including our closing video song.  As an active peace mobilizer in San Diego, CA, Linda helps spread the good news of our Prince of Peace – musically as well as in education and action.  Find out more about Linda and download her songs FREE at her website.


Living Stream Church of the Brethren is honored to draw upon the wisdom and guidance of a great team.  The church board for 2021 includes  our pastoral team (above), treasurer Marty Farahat (CA), at-large members board chair Sam Gahm (MO), Mary Gorline (OR), Daniel Finkbinder (PA), Marti Greenhoe-Kauffman (GA), former Pacific Northwest District Executive Colleen Michael (WA), and District Minister Carol Mason (WA).  The board holds meetings about once a month (all meetings are open… just contact us if you wish to participate!).

We hold congregational meetings at least once a year, so that all participants in the Living Stream can take part in decision-making and setting the direction of the congregation.