Our Community of Welcome

Living Stream Church of the Brethren affirms the image of God in all persons – of every age, gender identity and expression, race, ability, ethnicity, nationality, class, and sexual orientation – and celebrates each person’s call to serve the world and the church.

We welcome each and every person to worship with us, and to contribute to our community.

A Word on Language in Worship

Because language has the power to shape our thinking about God and one another, Living Stream Church of the Brethren seeks to use language that fits our belief that God is manifest in persons of all genders, and that men and women are equals. Therefore, we strive to use inclusive language in our worship, even as historical texts and songs that are widely known and loved may be left unaltered.

Our Community Covenant of Compassion and Respect

As a community, we in the Living Stream Church of the Brethren hold ourselves to high standards. Expectations of all participants in Living Stream venues – online, in webcasts, and in person – are that we treat one another with love and respect. We are willing to explore difficult questions together, with respectful communication and compassionate intent in our participation, even exploring our differences in respectful ways.

Living Stream Church of the Brethren is open to all persons, but not all behaviors. Hate speech or harassment of any kind are not welcome in our community. Due to the online nature of our gatherings, we try to keep clear boundaries. For this reason, we reserve the right for church leaders to block offensive or disruptive activity.  Thank you for your understanding and agreement to these guidelines, which is assumed by your participation in the Living Stream Church of the Brethren.