Donations to Living Stream COB

Thank you for supporting our ministries!   Living Stream Church of the Brethren is a congregation in the Pacific Northwest District of the Church of the Brethren, so all donations are tax-deductible… and greatly appreciated!

Online donations may be made with any credit card (just click the Donate button to be taken to the payment page). This is the easiest way to make an offering to this ministry… and you can even make an automatic recurring monthly donation this way!

You can also make a one-time gift to us through PayPal using the payment email of [email protected], or you may send a check or direct a bill payment through the mail.  Please send checks, made out to Living Stream CoB, to:

Living Stream Church of the Brethren
500 N Emerson Ave, Apt 413
Wenatchee, WA 98801

We welcome your financial support, large or small, alongside your prayers for our outreach in the online community. As a pioneering new way of being church, the support of visionaries who can dream along with us and journey with us as our vision takes shape are precious friends.  Our organization is member-driven and financed, and so our growth depends on the people who donate their talent, time, and resources to our ministries.  Every person we connect with makes us stronger and shapes who we are, and what we can accomplish together. Thank you for reaching out to us and helping us grow!

Where does the money go?

This being a new form of ministry, we embrace the educational element of our work.  Living Stream is not unlike other congregations and church starts, but it is different in many ways, too.  We embrace transparency, so that others know what it takes to make this ministry happen.  We are a lean, nimble organization, with hopes of gaining the additional support so we can grow even stronger!

2023 BUDGET: $28,000.00   (Monthly budget: $2,333.33)
    adopted in Congregational Meeting on November 13, 2022 

Worship and Leadership 
Pastoral Stipends ($75 per pastor/month)              $3,600.00
Worship Service Honorariums ($200 service x 60)      $12,000.00
Professional Growth                                     $300.00
Conference Delegates                                  $1,800.00
Honorariums (Other)                                     $500.00

Liability Insurance (for services and pastors)        $2,000.00

Equipment and Services 
Technical Services (web site, broadcasting)           $1,200.00
Equipment budget and updates                          $1,200.00
Equipment Reserve Fund                                $1,500.00
Licenses for Streaming Music                            $550.00

Fellowship and pastoral care                            $300.00

Visibility and Publicity                                $250.00

Witness and Outreach (Goal: at least 10% of the budget) 
Church of the Brethren Core Ministries                  $800.00
Pacific Northwest District                              $800.00
BMC (SCN dues)                                          $200.00
Other Discretionary Outreach                          $1,000.00
    Witness and Outreach Total = $2,800.00 
TOTAL ANNUAL BUDGET                                  $28,000.00

What might be do if we had a larger budget?    —We’re so glad you asked!

Tech Support:  With a larger budget, our pastors could use better equipment, making it easier for them, and allowing for higher-quality streaming services.

More Outreach: With a larger budget, we would designate more to help others near and far.

How about a Brethren Volunteer Service worker? We would love to call a BVS volunteer to strengthen our ministries.  It would be such a fun service project for a young adult, too! This would cost $700-$1,000/month.  We would love to expand our budget to include this expense, or we would welcome a generous donor who wanted to sponsor a year of BVS time, for roughly $10,000.   (Please contact us if you would like to be in conversation about sponsoring a BVSer for Living Stream!)


Each week, worship is possible because of the generous donation of many volunteers:

  • 20+ hours – volunteer time (Incl. worship leaders and pastoral management time, tech operations, donor acknowledgement correspondence, social media networking, accounting support, advisory board planning, prayer team ministries)
  • Pastors’ phone bill/pastoral calls – donated by pastors
  • Original worship music – free use permitted by individual musicians
  • Prayer ideas and other worship resources – donated by church members
  • Various video and audio equipment – donated on an in-kind basis

Thanks for your support of this ministry!  

All donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated!