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We worship together online on Sunday evenings at
5:00pm Pacific Time (6:00pm Mountain, 7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern… or Monday at 1:00am GMT).
We invite you to join with friends from around the country and around the world in worship with us…  ALL are welcome here!

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You may be wondering what this “online church” is all about.  Click here for a quick sampling of our worship, in introduction videos by Enten Eller. This is a new thing we are doing, but it is firmly rooted in the traditions of love, communication, adventure, and respect we have inherited from our roots in the Church of the Brethren.  Please find out more about who we are and hope to be, and how you can connect with us!
If you have questions, feel free to email our pastoral team.

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Celebrating Participation in Living Stream COB

This fall, Living Stream CoB is doing a new thing: celebrating your participation in our journey together–and inviting members–for the first time!

We would like to celebrate the participation of everyone who chooses to be a part of the Living Stream Church of the Brethren!  We’ve defined four participation levels — Viewer, Friend, Associate Member, and Member — that are described in the post below.

On our journey of being an online congregation in worship together, we would invite you to complete this form so that we can increase our sense of community, and be in touch with all those who consider themselves part of us.  Additionally, if you are interested in exploring membership with Living Stream Church of the Brethren, as a full or associate member, please complete this form to give us a sense of what you hope to bring to this online community!  You may also contact the pastors directly with questions.

Complete the Participation Form now… it only takes a minute or two!  (We’ll begin with a celebration on November 22, 2015, so before then would be helpful… but don’t hesitate to complete this form even after that!)

Living Stream Participation Levels — Where do You Fit?

We are inviting all participants in the Living Stream Church of the Brethren to join us in celebrating our various levels of participation. As the chart below shows, you may choose to describe yourself as a Viewer, Friend, Associate Member, or Member.

Viewer Friend Associate Membera Member*
Worship A Viewer will watch the worship broadcast from time to time (perhaps even regularly), yet may never post greetings or comments. A Friend desires to tune into worship somewhat regularly, and typically posts greetings, perhaps even making a comment at times. An Associate Member tunes into worship regularly, posts greetings, and often will make a comment or pose a question. A Member tunes into worship regularly, posts greetings, and frequently participates in worship with comments or questions.
Prayers A Viewer typically is not involved with the life of the congregation or others in it. A Friend will typically be moved to support the congregation in prayer at times. An Associate Member supports the congregation, its leaders, and its members, in prayer. A Member supports the congregation, its leaders, and its members, in prayer.
Offerings A Viewer typically has not donated to help keep the church streaming. A Friend is likely to make modest donations to help keep the church streaming. An Associate Member makes regular donations, however modest, to support the congregation. A Member shares regular tithes and offerings in support of the congregation.
Participation A Viewer typically does not choose to participate in the life of the congregation. A Friend may take advantage of the opportunities to participate in the life of the congregation in a number of ways, if so moved. An Associate Member participates in the life of the congregation, whether in worship or in other ways. A Member seeks to participate in the life of the congregation by helping with worship, reading scripture, suggesting ideas and resources, contributing to the newsletter, or other ways.


a* Membership categories are formal affiliations defined by the Church of the Brethren

Open Table Cooperative invites you join to their


Starting August 9, 2015 and -1continuing through the fall, we’ll be discussing Barbara Brown Taylor’s new book, Learning to Walk in the Dark

  1. Read the book (or at least get started!)

* If you buy a copy online you can order through Amazon Smile by clicking here and a portion of the proceeds will go to OTC.

  1. Go over to the Open Table website by clicking here to read OTC readers’ reflections about each chapter of the book, posted every Sunday, and add your comments.
  1. Email Info@OpenTableCoop.org to let us know you’ll be joining us in Learning to Walk in the Dark
  1. Tune in to worship with us by clicking here  on Sunday evening, August 9, as we launch our 2015 Book Club with a live-streamed conversation with Open Table’s Elizabeth Ullery Swenson – and you!


Messenger conversations monthly

Join our monthly Messenger magazine online conversations!   Each month, we gather online through Google Hangouts and discuss the latest issue, from articles to advertisements – and how the ideas in this magazine resonate in our daily lives.

You are invited to join us in this form of community-building – a sort of online adult education experience – every month!   For information or to join us, email Messenger@LivingStreamCoB.org.  You can start joining in the conversation any time at our Facebook page.

Our next Messenger conversation will happen right after the worship service on Sunday, September 28 (at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific).   Ken and Pastor Audrey take the lead in getting conversation going, but your ideas and questions are always welcome.  We hope to see you then!