LSCOB-logo-trimmedWelcome to the
Living Stream Church of the Brethren!

We worship together online on Sunday evenings at 5:00pm Pacific Time (6:00pm Mountain, 7:00pm Central, 8:00pm Eastern… or Monday at 1:00am GMT). We invite you to join in worship with others from around the country and the world…  ALL are welcome!

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Curious as to what this “online church” is all about?  View a short video introducing you to the Living Stream Church of the Brethren. Yes, this is a different way of doing church, but it is firmly rooted in the traditions of love, communication, adventure, and respect we have inherited from our roots in the Church of the Brethren.  Please find out more about who we are and hope to be, and how you can connect with us!
If you have questions, feel free to email our pastoral team.

Thank you for your donations that keep the Living Stream flowing!

You may make a donation with any major credit card, or via PayPal.  We are especially grateful for recurring donations that provide a steady source of income to this congregation.

Yearly Participation with the Living Stream Church of the Brethren

We celebrate the participation of everyone who chooses to be a part of this welcoming and affirming online worshiping community rooted in the Church of the Brethren and its values of peace and justice, to whatever level of participation that you feel called.  We’ve defined four participation levels — Viewer, Friend, Associate Member, and Member.  If you have joined us for worship at least once, you’re already a “Viewer”!  (The participation level are more fully outlined below.)

We take time at the end of each year to renew our participation in Living Stream for the coming year. To indicate your level of participation, please take a moment now to complete our online Participation Form (just click to follow this link).  If you’d like to find out more, or get more involved, please contact our pastors directly. Either way, we’ll be glad to start the conversation with you!

Thanks for your interest in the Living Stream Church of the Brethren!

Living Stream Participation Levels — Where do You Fit?

We inviting all participants in the Living Stream Church of the Brethren to join us in celebrating our various levels of participation. As the chart below shows, you may choose to describe yourself as a Viewer, Friend, Associate Member, or Member.

Viewer Friend Associate Membera Member*
Worship A Viewer will watch the worship broadcast from time to time (perhaps even regularly), yet may never post greetings or comments. A Friend desires to tune into worship somewhat regularly, and typically posts greetings, perhaps even making a comment at times. An Associate Member tunes into worship regularly, posts greetings, and often will make a comment or pose a question. A Member tunes into worship regularly, posts greetings, and frequently participates in worship with comments or questions.
Prayers A Viewer typically is not involved with the life of the congregation or others in it. A Friend will typically be moved to support the congregation in prayer at times. An Associate Member supports the congregation, its leaders, and its members, in prayer. A Member supports the congregation, its leaders, and its members, in prayer.
Offerings A Viewer typically has not donated to help keep the church streaming. A Friend is likely to make modest donations to help keep the church streaming. An Associate Member makes regular donations, however modest, to support the congregation. A Member shares regular tithes and offerings in support of the congregation.
Participation A Viewer typically does not choose to participate in the life of the congregation. A Friend may take advantage of the opportunities to participate in the life of the congregation in a number of ways, if so moved. An Associate Member participates in the life of the congregation, whether in worship or in other ways. A Member seeks to participate in the life of the congregation fully, by such things as helping with worship, reading scripture, suggesting ideas and resources, contributing to the newsletter, or other ways.


a* Membership categories are formal affiliations defined by the Church of the Brethren

Tech Hints for Worship


We encourage all participants in worship to log in and post chat messages, first, to let us know where you are joining us from and so that we may greet you, and second, because our worship services are interactive, and we’d like each person to take part!

If you are having trouble finding the chat box, click on the little cartoon talk-bubble symbol at the upper right of the Livestream window. That will open your chat area, where you can see and read everyone’s comments.  You can add your own chat posts by typing in at the bottom.

To be able to post chats, you have to be logged into Livestream.  You can log in by clicking “LOG IN” at the top right of the Livestream window.  You may either create a free account with Livestream using your email address (and a password of your choice), or login by validating with your Facebook account (if you have one).

If you try to post a chat message when you are not logged in, Livestream will pop up a window asking you to create a free account, or to log in (via the account you already created, or with Facebook).  If you have an account, just log in… otherwise, you may create an account right on the spot.


Most often, a stream that lags, buffers, or stops and restarts is due to a lack of bandwidth or computer resources on the viewing end (your end).  You can often eliminate streaming problems by reducing the quality of the stream, which saves both bandwidth and computing power.  Do this by clicking on the bandwidth control at the lower right corner of the video window (if available… it is just to the right of the full screen icon, and looks like cell bars or a gear wheel… and only shows up if the stream is at higher quality ). Choosing a lower option, such as 260p, resolves streaming issues for most computers.


We’ve occasionally had difficulty with the stream dropping during worship. If this happens, almost invariably there will be a small circling graphic over a blank video screen, like it is trying to reload the stream.  If this happens, the chat may be active for a short time longer, then all will stop.  To reconnect with worship, click the refresh button on your internet browser (it usually looks like a circling arrow), or simply close the window and come back to the worship page again.  You may need to do this more than once… just repeat until you get the stream again.  Please remember to do this after a crash so that we will all be able to continue in worship together.


The Livestream window has its own volume control, so if you are having trouble hearing, be sure that everything is turned up not just on your own computer, but also within Livestream.  To check this, during the playback of any video (live or recorded) on Livestream, move your mouse to the volume control (bottom left of video), and make sure that it is all the way up…!

Additionally… laptop speakers are often fairly poor at voice reproduction. Using  a set of external speakers, or simply using earbuds, can make a very positive difference in hearing and understanding.  If you are having trouble hearing, it is worth a try!

Copyright and Permissions

All streams and recordings, including worship services and their contents,
© 2017 Living Stream Church of the Brethren, Inc.  All rights reserved.
We are usually glad to extend permission for sharing our content. Please contact us at the
address below to request permission if you would like to use our material.

Furthermore, we have been diligent in our attempts to obtain permissions for all content included in these services and broadcasts.  Applicable licenses may include:

❖ Permission to present/stream the music in our services has been obtained from
CCLI under license #CSPL100772;
❖ Permission to podcast/stream the music in our services has been obtained from
One License with license #A-725941; plus
❖ We use public domain content and some specially-procured permissions.

If you are concerned that there may be a copyright infringement, we will do our best to resolve the situation.  Please contact info@livingstreamcob.org.