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You may be wondering what this “online church” is all about.  Click here for a quick sampling of our worship, in introduction videos by Enten Eller. This is a new thing we are doing, but it is firmly rooted in the traditions of love, communication, adventure, and respect we have inherited from our roots in the Church of the Brethren.  Please find out more about who we are and hope to be, and how you can connect with us!  

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Join us throughout the season of Advent this year as we embark on RE-TELLING THE CHRISTMAS STORY.

With leadership from our whole team of pastors, plus a special worship with Jim Lehman, we will look at our familiar, favorite Christmas stories with fresh eyes and ears.  Click here to join in worship live or in the archives, all season long.

canvas+3Advent I – November 30 – Pastor Audrey explores Mary’s story in our world today

Advent II – December 7 – Jim Lehman, member of the Living Stream CoB board, and Michael McKeever of Judson University share examples of popular movies telling pieces of the Christmas story – for audiences beyond the church walls

Advent III – December 14 – worship from Ambler, Pennsylvania brings us Enten Eller’s interview with Sarah and Musa Mambula, and

Advent IV  – December 21 – MarySue and Bruce Rosenberger share a South Texas Nativity storyScreen shot 2014-11-23 at 5.46.11 PM

Christmas Eve – December 24 – a short, musical worship service with Pastor Audrey, at 5pm Pacific time

December 28(Re) Telling the Story continues using the visual arts to present Scripture

Epiphany Sunday – January 4 – the Rosenbergers present some South Texas Magi  for the day of ‘Tres Reyes’

This season, you are invited to journey with us day by day using the Advent “Wreck-it” Journal designed by Elizabeth Ullery of Open Table CooperativeCheck it out at their website by clicking here, where you can download your copy to get crafty with each day of this season.  And feel free to share with us a picture of what you’ve created – we’d love to see your work!

Progressive Brethren Gathering 2014

Spiritual But Not Religious:
Living faith in the world today

November 7 – 9 2014

Stone Church of the Brethren
Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Streamed live by Living Stream CoB

Join us as we gather in quiet Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, for the 7th Progressive Brethren Gathering. Each fall we come together to celebrate, strategize, support, and engage in critical conversations about theology, social justice, biblical studies as we live into the future of the church. 


Spiritual But Not Religious: Living faith in the world today
 In the 2012 survey by the Pew Religion and Public Life Project, nearly a fifth of those polled said that they were not religiously affiliated — and nearly 37 percent of that group said they were “spiritual” butE not “religious.” Between 1990 and 2010, the number of Americans who claimed to have no religious affiliation more than tripled, from 14 million to 46 million. This makes the so-called nones—individuals who respond to questions about their religious affiliations with “none”—the fastest growing “religious” group in the United States. So what does this mean for the church? What does this mean for Progressive Brethren?

Belief without bordersLinda A. Mercadante, professor at Methodist Theological School in Ohio and author of Beliefs Without Borders: Inside the Minds of the Spiritual but Not Religious, challenges our understanding of the SBNR (Spiritual but not religious). Based on interviews from nearly 80 self-professed nones Mercadante notes a recurring theme: for most nones, their rejection of organized religion did not equate to a rejection of God but rather provided a context for a principled reimagining of God. What can we learn from the nones as they challenge and discern traditional understanding of God and faith practice?

Join us as we explore together the cultural and faith trend of the SBNR and seek where God is leading us, individually and as a denomination.

Watch the live stream of events through Living Stream CoB here.

Worship through Autumn

Join us Sunday evenings live at 5pm Pacific time (8pm Eastern) or in the archives any time for worship throughout Autumn:

October 12: Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 1.53.54 PMA Different Take on Discipleship, with Enten Eller streaming from Ambler, Pennsylvania.  Living Stream streams from coast to coast – enjoy us from all timezones!

October 19: The Greatest Commandments, as explored in Matthew 22:34-46.  Jesus clearly identified them but he left it to us to figure out how to put them into practice. The key is a four letter word.
As Hallowe’en approaches, log in to Living Stream October 26 to learn about a different kind of remembrance.  The Hispanic holiday of Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) celebrates life, not death as our guest Rosa Gallegos will explain.


November 4: Is that Jesus, or did we just see a ghost?  2014-9-coverGuest Tim Harvey joins us to share about the controversy and theological wrestling that went into his provocative and persuasive article in the September 2014 issue of Messenger magazine. He asks what Biblical lessons might apply to the question of the Church of the Brethren response to the violence in Nigeria.  Read the article ahead of time then join the discussion with Tim and Pastor Audrey.  On this Hallowe’en and Day of the Dead weekend, the question of ghosts resonates from our Scripture to our city streets.

All Under One Roof: World Communion Sunday

Breaking bread.Join us in worship online on Sunday, October 5, 2014, for World Communion Sunday. Bring your grape juice and some bread or cracker with you to our service, to take part in our online communion service.  We worship at 5pm Pacific time, 8pm Eastern.

Our special guest is Ruthann Knechel Johansen, a theologian, educator, and all-around wise woman.  We will be continuing a conversation about Dreams & Visions of peacemaking, that she and I began at the On Earth Peace breakfast at Annual Conference in Columbus this year.  As we think about peacemaking as part of our special role within the worldwide communion of Christ’s Body on Earth, what are your dreams and visions for your role in this ministry?

Seminary Sunday

On Sunday, September 21, 2014, Living Stream celebrates Bethany Sunday with Bethany Theological Seminary President Jeff Carter and other members of the Bethany community as we broadcast worship from Nicarry Chapel in Richmond, Indiana.

New Students 14 Bethany plays an important role in Ministry education for the Church of the Brethren as the only Church of the Brethren seminary. Its partnerships with the Brethren Academy, Brethren Life and Thought, The Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center, and Earlham School of Religion broaden Bethany’s impact even further.
Jeff_RM Brochure #3 (1).
In the President’s first year, Carter has encouraged the denomination to think of Bethany as a First Thought in ministry education. The seminary is celebrating a large and active incoming class of students for the 2014-15 academic year (pictured above), development of a new Bethany Neighborhood that offers opportunities for community and resource sharing, and a new technology classroom that allows students to synchronously join class from a distance. Each of these developments began as a dream that is now a reality at the Seminary. Carter continues to have big dreams as the seminary moves forward in partnership with the denomination and congregations.
Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 9.16.57 PMThe work of Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation are a priority at Bethany, through programs like the Peace Essay Contest, offering an emphasis in Peace Studies, and its new affiliation with the Seminary Stewardship Alliance focusing on care of creation through our theological study. Living Stream participated in the International Day of Prayer for Peace during our worship last Sunday, allowing space for Bethany this coming Sunday. We want to continue to join with our ecumenical Brothers and Sisters in lifting our voices for Peace during this set-aside day of prayer.

Join us online for worship streaming from Bethany Seminary this Sunday night, to learn, listen, and grow together.  (Help us welcome other Brethren, new to Living Stream, who may be joining us in particular for Bethany Sunday!)  If you’re in the Richmond area, drop by Nicarry Chapel Sunday night – or else tune into our Fall 2014 livestream ‘event’ at 5pm Pacific time, or watch the archives any time.

Messenger conversations monthly

Join our monthly Messenger magazine online conversations!   Each month, we gather online through Google Hangouts and discuss the latest issue, from articles to advertisements – and how the ideas in this magazine resonate in our daily lives.

You are invited to join us in this form of community-building – a sort of online adult education experience – every month!   For information or to join us, email Messenger@LivingStreamCoB.org.  You can start joining in the conversation any time at our Facebook page.

Our next Messenger conversation will happen right after the worship service on Sunday, September 28 (at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific).   Ken and Pastor Audrey take the lead in getting conversation going, but your ideas and questions are always welcome.  We hope to see you then!